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DARK RAGEThe Next Generation Pre-workout Formula with EPO Blood Doping Technology Triggers Powerful Anabolic Hormone for Extreme Muscle Pumps, Power and Performance!

• Mind Blowing Pumps and Vascularity
• Increased Strength and Endurance
• Maximum Muscle Growth
• Extreme Energy, Intensity and Mental Focus
• Faster Recovery

MHP's DARK RAGE sets a new scientific standard of pre-workout supplementation with their exclusive EPO Blood Doping Technology™ and an amazingly powerful combination of advanced, next generation ingredients designed to take your workouts to an entirely new level of intensity, increased strength, extreme muscle growth, incredible anabolic muscle pumps and fast recovery.

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Encyclopedia of BodybuildingEncyclopedia of Bodybuilding: The Complete A-Z Book on Muscle Building
The Definitive Guide for 21st Century Bodybuilding!

Plenty of bodybuilding books were written in the 1980s, but the world has changed since then. How can a new bodybuilder achieve success with outdated information? This book is filled with the most up-to-date information available, offering tons of inspirational photos of the top bodybuilders of today.

Encylcopedia of Bodybuilding teaches you how to:

  • Make the most of the genes you were born with
  • Shape your body to perfect proportions
  • Build major mass in the shortest time
  • Use food and supplements as tools to carve out a superior physique
  • Chisel out definition with diet and cardio
  • Develop a posing routine that make you a winner

Plus, as a bonus:

  • Poster of a top bodybuilder's anatomy
  • Get the MuscleMag International MASS system of training!


MUSCLEPRIMEIntroducing MUSCLEPRIME Pre-Workout Intensity Amplifier!

Big news! We just launched our brand new cutting-edge pre-workout formula MUSCLEPRIME™. MUSCLEPRIME™ is the world’s first and most powerful pre-workout Anabolic Response Activator™; uniquely designed to amplify training intensity while providing key nutrients to get optimal results from every workout.

MUSCLEPRIME bolsters mental focus and intensity, providing the exact blend of ingredients needed to improve the quality of every workout, including all 8 essential amino acids and 3 branched chain amino acids, as well as ARGININE and the nutritional superstar Beta-Alanine. If that wasn’t enough, MUSCLEPRIME also provides a protective antioxidant complex to defend your cells from hard training sessions.

Find out more about MUSCLEPRIME at www.muscleprime.com


Your Body, Your Life

Kim Lyons' Your Body, Your Life

On NBC's hit TV show The Biggest Loser, trainer Kim Lyons encouraged, cajoled, and inspired her team members to change their lives. And they did, not only losing an incredible amount of weight in the process, but gaining a world of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and enjoying an all-around healthy lifestyle. Now Kim is leading the way again, ready to work that same magic on everyone. Her totally life-changing new guide, bursting with color illustrations, presents Kim's tested program for optimizing your health… in just 12 short weeks! You'll feel almost as if she's right there, working with you.

Kim, who received her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, puts her time-tested, fat-burning circuit-training system and solid, comprehensive nutrition plan right at your fingertips. She understands the psychological and practical barriers facing those starting a new program, and offers simple strategies to help anyone adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Every aspect of fitness and nutrition is explained, such as the role of genetics, metabolism, and body type in achieving success; the importance of meal planning and journaling; and how to exercise to maximize your time and increase your calorie burn. To illustrate her key points, many of Lyons' clients tell their uplifting personal stories, and Lyons herself answers a wide range of "burning questions." At the end of each chapter, a "Homework" section sets out several goals to achieve be they mental, physical, or emotional that reinforce key points learned in that chapter.

With Kim as your guide and motivator, you'll start exercising, eating correctly, and slimming down immediately, laying the foundation for a new lifestyle today!



Shawn Stasiak Determined

Shawn Stasiak Determined tells former WWE and WCW wrestler Shawn Stasiak's story, following his life journey from growing up the son of a pro wrestler, amateur wrestling in college, becoming a pro wrestler himself, his transition to and work as a chiropractor, and his life-long passion for fitness and healthy eating.

The documentary is designed to inspire men and women of all ages to do positive things with their lives. Throughout the course of telling his life story, Shawn shares insights on goal-setting and discovering and achieving your visions, be it physical, career or personal-related, with an emphasis on using regular exercise, healthy eating, and a positive outlook to ultimately live a more enriching, fulfilling life. The documentary also featues a guest appearence by pro wrestler Rob Van Dam discussing with Shawn the topic of channeling positive energy for a better quality of life. 




Sculpted by ChioiceSculpted by Choice, A Training Documentary

James Kohler Mr. Natural California: Sculpted by Choice, A Training Documentary showcases natural pro bodybuilder James Kohler as he trains each bodypart, with detailed explanations of proper form and the purpose behind each specific exercise. It also features instruction on how to pose, dietary suggestions for building a lean, muscular body, and footage of Kohler as prepares for the competition stage at a bodybuilding contest.
The training documentary is designed to educate people of all ages on how to maximize their training and dietary efforts to build a muscular, fit body, while at the same inspiring them through Kohler’s example to achieve their goals in the gym, as well as their career, and personal life.




Schiek Lifting Straps:

schiek strapsDuring a photo shoot in L.A. Chris Cormier gave me a pair of Schiek lifting straps to try since I was bitching that I couldn’t lift because my hands were being torn up by the outrageously cut bar grips on the Olympic bars in my gym. Come on, you can lathe a decent grip into a bar, but these grips were done as if they were some kind of medieval torture device specifically made to tear the skin off your hands while performing dead lifts. I graciously accepted of course – who would say no to Chris Cormier – and happily dawned my new straps the next time I did dead lifts at my gym. The straps fit comfortably, didn’t dig into my writs, were easy to twist onto the bar and best of all, protected my hands from tearing open while giving me a tight enough grip that I could slap a couple of more plates onto each side of the bar and blast my back into oblivion!
I highly recommend this product for those who lift and lift heavy.


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